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Jun 13, 2014

Finals Week; a Seven Gif Tale

Putting off studying the week before 

Realizing that they are quickly approaching Cramming in as much studying as possible When you eventually stop caring During the hardest exam, realizing you know nothing

Realizing your easiest exam is on the last day 

After they’re all done

Jun 10, 2014

Immersing Yourself in Pizza

Jun 5, 2014

Sports Agents Trying to Recruit Players

Trying to convince the player 

When they get desperate 

When they finally recruit them 

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Jun 2, 2014

When Your Favorite Movie Comes on T.V

When you find out it’s on t.v…

…and it just started 

When your favorite part comes onWhen the credits rollWhen you retreat back into your room and you can’t stop thinking about it

May 1, 2014

The Evolution of Film

            The movie industry has come a long way in the past 100 years. Films are a very influential art form; whether they convey a groundbreaking idea or a simple film made just to entertain the audience, films are a very personal thing many people hold dear.

            The Year was 1878. Photographer Eadweard Muybridge was experimenting with photographing moving objects and stringing the photographs together to create moving frames. Muybridge decided to set up cameras parallel to the racetrack of a horse. The shutters on the camera were attached to the horse’s hooves and were triggered each time the horse moved. The result was a 12 frame, 20 second animation of a horse galloping called The Horse in Motion. This piece of work was groundbreaking; soon many other photographers produced pieces similar to this.

            By 1888, competitors are trying to develop motion cameras to capture movement instead of taking stills. Louis Le Prince, a French inventor, shot the first motion picture called Roundhay Garden Scene. The footage only lasts for 3 seconds, but the impact is monumental. It is the oldest surviving film on record. The creation of this film leads to many other experiments by film makers trying to achieve the same thing.

            Monkeyshines No.1 was the first movie shot in the U.S using a continuous strip of film. The purpose of the film was only to be used as a test; not for commercial purposes. The film includes co-workers of Edison fooling around. Two similar sequels were released as well

            All this leads up to the world’s first feature length film, entitled The Story of the Kelly Gang. It was produced in Australia in 1906. The movie lasts 70 minutes and documents the infamous outlaw Ned Kelly.

            There are still two major things missing from movies; sound and color. As time goes on, movie-makers are trying to produce non-silent movies. The first “talkie” movie to be introduced was The Jazz Singer. This groundbreaking release starts the decline of silent films.

            With the addition of “talkie” films, many people wanted full films in color too. The first full length color film was actually a silent film called Cupid Angling. In 1929, Warner Brothers produced On With the Show!, the first full length color and talking film.

            The rest follows. For the next 100 years, film makers all over the world create movies to entertain audiences around the globe, and it all started with a 20 second, 12 frame motion of a horse running.

Apr 15, 2014

Why You Should See The Grand Budapest Hotel

There’s a slew of great actors. Each actor plays their role perfectly and it really brings you into the world that Wes Anderson has created. All of them are extremely funny and makes the movie a pleasure to watch.

It’s extremely well made. Each shot is beautiful and emphasizes the objects in the scene. There is not one scene in this movie that stays for too long or is boring to look at. 

It’s also hilarious. Characters constantly make witty remarks, and the dialogue is full of jokes to keep you entertained throughout. 

Go see it. Seriously. It’s great.


Apr 4, 2014

Why You’re Never too Old for Disney/Pixar Movies

Tons of adorable characters

Loads of catchy songs

Beautiful animation

You feel like you’re a part of the adventure

They’re magical- even when you’re an adult

Apr 3, 2014

How History Teachers View Historical Movies

Hollywood movies often leave out historical details to appeal to the general audience. When asked about why movie producers leave out certain details,  Ron Hoglund said that “they often leave out certain details because it simplifies the movie; including a lot of details, while making the movie more interesting, also makes it more complex”. He also said, “The produces have to think about the length of the movie as well; not many people want to sit through a four hour movie”.

            However, Hoglund can still enjoy a movie with inaccuracies. When asked about his favorite historical movie, he responded with Elizabeth. He said even though Elizabeth has inaccuracies, he thinks it’s a well done movie and that “part of the enjoyment is pulling it apart and finding the inaccuracies”. Another favorite of his is “Imagining Argentina”, which even though it has a fictional story line, it is set in real historical circumstances. One of his least favorites is “Pearl Harbor”, which he says to have “an unnecessary, poorly done love story”.

            Hoglund, when asked about which movie he believes to be the most accurate, said that movies can be accurate in a certain sense, but not in another. He said, “even though “Gladiator” has inaccuracies involving the story, they way they depict the city of Rome during that time period is relatively accurate”. He also mentions “Gandhi” to be another historically accurate movie. He said that the length of the film helped the producers include details that otherwise would have been left out in a shorter movie.

            When asked about historically inaccurate movies, Hoglund mentions multiple popular Hollywood series. For example, he mentions the “300” series for being incredibly inaccurate. He also adds in “Elizabeth”. He claims it has many aspects that were thrown in so that the movie would appeal to a wider audience.

Mar 20, 2014

Frozen Review

           Over the years, Disney has created films that have enchanted us since childhood. The animation, music, and stories that their films bring to the table captivate their viewers. Many critics and movie-goers are calling “Frozen” the best Disney film in decades. “Frozen” has a similar feel to the old Disney movies everyone enjoyed as a kid, which gives it a pleasant and nostalgic feeling. Compared to other movies Disney has released in the last couple years, this one is definitely at the top.

            The plot is as follows. Elsa and Anna the daughters of the king and queen of Arendelle has been shut away from society due to her dangerous ice powers. After these powers almost kill her sister, she is kept isolated from her sister. Anna, having her memory erased of her sister’s powers, has not had contact with her sister in ages. After their parents die, Elsa sets off an eternal winter and Anna is left to go find her sister and bring summer back to the world.

            There are many good aspects of this film. It skates over the cliché of “romance solves everything” that are in a lot of Disney movies and leans towards a more family orientated theme. Even though Elsa has been kept away from society and her sister due to her fierce ice powers, they both share a love that a normal pair of sisters shares. This bond plays a big role in the end of the movie, which ultimately ends up saving Anna and the world from the eternal winter. In this aspect it’s good and unique from Disney’s usual form of storytelling. It brings a fresh twist to an old classic. 

            Another good aspect of this movie is the music. Disney cast the stars of “Wicked” Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell to play the main protagonists. Both have amazing voices and make each song memorable. All of the songs fit the mood in their scene. From the powerful song “Let it Go” to the lighthearted song “In Summer”, no song feels out of place. It has some of the best Disney songs in ages.

            However, the film is not flawless. Some details are left unexplained. For example, why does Elsa even have ice powers? It’s explained that she was born with it, but nobody else in her family is inflicted with this. After Elsa accidentally shoots her powers into her sister, Anna doesn’t obtain ice powers. It would’ve helped the story if they had gone into further detail about how Elsa obtained these powers. Some other aspects don’t make sense as well. The emotion that stopped the eternal winter was love between the sisters. Meanwhile, they had loved each other all along and the world still almost froze over.

                        Even through its flaws, Frozen still manages to bring out the same feel old Disney classics had. It’s a fun, engaging movie that holds different themes from other Disney movies, making it unique. It is definitely the studio’s best in several years.  

Feb 27, 2014

86th Academy Awards

            With the Oscars rapidly approaching, many moviegoers hurry to see as many nominees as possible before March 2. The best picture nominees include: American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, 12 Years a Slave, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Many people are expecting 12 Years a Slave to win, and I personally believe it deserves the award.  To narrow down the list of possibilities, pay special attention to the movies nominated for best director, since one of these usually take home the biggest award of the night.

            The host this year will be Ellen DeGeneres. She has previously hosted the ceremony once before, and she received a lot of positive reviews for. Many people are excited to have her back hosting. DeGeneres is always able to deliver her jokes with perfect comedic timing and engage the audience with her comedy.

            The Nominees for best animated feature are: The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Frozen, and The Wind Rises. The real battle for the Oscar is between Frozen and The Wind Rises. Many people are saying The Wind Rises will win, while other critics are leaning towards Frozen. Frozen has a greater chance of winning, since it’s made by Disney, a name that everyone knows. The Wind Rises, made by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, is not as common among mainstream American watchers. However it still has a good chance of beating Frozen. We’ll just have to wait and see who wins.